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Layers Hardware™ 

Brand: Layers


Product Name: Fancy Aldrop Pyramid

Item name: Fancy Aldrop Pymarid Zinc Brass Antique(2+1)

Short Name: Fancy Aldrop Pyramid

Size: 10X16X5 (2+1)

Finish: Brass Antique

Material: Zinc

Color: Brass Antique


Units: Pcs

Brand: Layers

Country: India

Place of Supply: Naugachia(Bhagalpur)


Usage: Used for Door & Window Fittings

We are offering the best quality to our clients.

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Product Description:

  • Keep your home safe & modern with Layers Hardware™ 
  • Easy to install.
  • Highly durable and sturdy.
  • Rust and Corrosion free.

The Layers Hardware™ Aldrop offered by us is highly used as Door Fittings to lock the door with complete safety and in a cost-effective way. Right from the design value to the dimensional accuracy, everything is made perfect when it comes to these Aldrop. These Aldrop offered by us assures smooth movement and is made durable. These are perfectly suitable for various dresser, kitchen, room, main doors, etc. Fast unique series of Aldrop is a great way to give your doors fancy and stylish look. You can rest assured that these Aldrop will be easy-to-install and will serve its purpose beautifully for many years.

It’s necessary for the children to have a restful sleep, no sound when the gate is opened and closed.


Contact Us:    8409827204,9934443407







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